About Daily Dog Devotional

A year ago, I accepted a press pass from my friend Kayla to take photographs at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, not ever thinking how it could possibly have changed my life.

Twelve months later, having photographed many incredible dog shows and meeting many wonderful people, I found myself reflecting on the last show of 2017. Standing ring-side at the National Championship Dog Show, I realized the dogs I needed to be photographing weren’t the ones standing a few feet away from me under the bright show lights, but the dogs outside the arena with their people packing it up to go home after a long day at this show.

The best dogs will always be our own dogs, and it doesn’t matter if they are pure bred or mix breeds as long as we love them and responsibly take care of them. Studies have repetitively shown that having a dogs companionship will helps us to live longer healthier lives by being active and involved with them. See, dogs are good for us!

My decision at the end of 2017 was to do an art project that would span a year focusing on the all dogs I was drawn to photograph. It seemed like an easy project until trying to figure out a format. It was decided with the collaboration of photographers, writers and artists to create this magazine that would share this vision with our audience of covering not only dogs outside the ring, but on the streets, in the fields, on the trains, at work, in the shelters, in the parks and in our daily lives.

We invite all of you to join us for the release of Dogs Outside The Ring on Valentine’s Day as we follow these faithful companions on a worldwide journey through photographs, stories, and art bringing this Year of the Dog full circle. We’re ready!

- Margaret Foxmoore

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