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Three Days of Dogs

By Daily Dog Devotional | October 19, 2019

Three days of dog shows in Pennsylvania brought some of the most beautiful dogs back into the frame of the camera. Devon, Hatboro, and Montgomery County Kennel Club Dog Shows left me happily tired for a three days. Totally forgot how much physical work photographing is when you like rising with the sun in search…

NYPD Canine

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 23, 2019

What happens when not looking.

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 20, 2019

Sometimes dogs come to us when we aren’t planning on them or looking for them. This little guy was posted on Facebook four years ago and within 20 hours he was flown into Newark, N.J. and then driven to Upstate New York to start a new life. He was all of 6 weeks old and…

Guiding Eyes for The Blind Graduation

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 20, 2019

Went to a totally emotional graduation ceremony today at Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown Heights, New York. Normally when seeing guide dogs out and about in the world they are working. Today was a little different as this was a celebration of the August class of guide dog teams graduating. These extraordinary dogs…

The Putnam Kennel Club Dog Show

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 25, 2019

It was hot and it was hot! One incredible show with beautiful dogs. The venue is always prepared with massive fans, shelter and water to make this country dog show a must.

NYPD Mounted Unit.

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 25, 2019

We went looking for dogs and found them on all shapes and sizes.


By Daily Dog Devotional | July 17, 2019

We have been very lucky to have beautiful covers for magazines. So far this is what we have done. There are many more to come. What we’ve enjoyed the most about these covers is going through all the images before finding the right energy between the person and their dog. It’s magic when the right…

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, New York

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 11, 2019

Today a quick run into New York City to take care of some business. Met MTA Officer Rozsay and his K-9 partner. What a wonderful officer and K-9. Makes getting up early on a non-work day worth it.

USPCA Region 7 Certification Trial 2019

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 29, 2019

Starting to work on a magazine for this trial- which was never disappointed in any way. On FB Dogs Outside The Ring On IG Dogs Outside The Ring and of course on the web. Please stay tuned for this to be up by July 3rd.

Taconic Hills Kennel Club in Yorktown, New York.

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 11, 2019

It’s been a really busy few weeks from photographing, editing and working on the upcoming magazine. A list of events sits on the desk that we plan to cover but this past week at the 11th hour the lofty plans were dashed by the need to catch up on sleep. Sometimes the best thing one…