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The Heart of Westminster

Aim With Love To Capture Joy! The Photographs of Virginia Rodriguez

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 31, 2022

Dogs Outside The Ring Photographer Virginia Rodriguez. We have been fortunate to have some of the most gifted photographers joining us when we go out to cover the world of dogs.This June we welcomed a seasoned photographer from New York who joined our Dogs Outside The Ring crew. Ms.Virginia Rodriguez went out in the early…

23:58 Editor’s Letter

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 7, 2022

23:58 It is said that judges in the AKC conformation ring have approximately 2 minutes to spend with each dog. The schedule for the day is built around those 2 minutes. The exhibitor’s day, the judge’s day, and yes, the dog must be presenting their very best self for those 2 minutes. It all leads…

Capturing the Dream

Capturing the Dream- The Heart of Westminster

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 5, 2022

The dream of being part of the most important dog show in the country started decades ago when sitting in front of the television screen. Watching as men and women ran across the screen into the ring with their dogs on taut leashes, only to then come to a spot, their spot, before they stood…

Grooming To Perfection

Grooming To Perfection

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 18, 2022
Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral over 4 months.

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 18, 2022

This year everything has been in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. From Detective Mora and Detective Rivera’s funeral, the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and now New York City Easter Bonnet Parade. Having gone from four of the saddest days of two young officers and 170 k9 officers from across the country…

Detective Mora

The K9 Units present at Detective Mora and Detective Riveras funeral NYC 2022

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 6, 2022

Walking into a coffee shop before a photoshoot I read over a patrons shoulder the cover of the morning paper about two officers shot in NYC. I asked the patron if there was anyway to flip to the page that had more information. These pictures cover the days that followed. Rest In Peace Detectives. Rest…

Security personnel and their dogs at the train station

Picture of the year goes to….

By Daily Dog Devotional | December 29, 2021
A dog among the crowd

Thanksgiving Day at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021

By Daily Dog Devotional | December 4, 2021
Dogs on the Car

And then there is Morris and Essex 2021

By Daily Dog Devotional | October 26, 2021

Morris and Essex Kennel Club 2021. Once every five years the historical Morris and Essex Kennel Club Dog Show happens in Somerset, New Jersy. This isn’t just a dog show- but gem of a show was the brainchild of Geraldine Dodge in 1927. Her vision of a show that is efficient, comfortable and beautiful still…

Four police officers during the graduation day of their K9 partners

NYPD Transit Bureau K9 Graduation

By Daily Dog Devotional | October 25, 2021

The officers I know, love and respect. A long road to get to this point of graduating. May they K-9 units all be safe and be able to do their job without any harm coming to them.