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A Year Full of Excitement

Four quarterly online magazines, along with a few special editions, will be followed by an end of the year collectors' edition printed magazine.

It won't be boring - as it's about having fun with our dogs and wherever this takes us. The lady with the diamond glasses.

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Mid- Hudson Kennel Association Dog Show 2023

Mid-Hudson Kennel Association, New Paltz, New York, 2023

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 4, 2023
Catch Me If You Can!

Weenie Dog Derby Races in The Meadow Lands Race Track, June 2023

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 4, 2023
The Greenwich Kennel Club Dog Show 2023

Greenwich Kennel Club Dog Show, June 2023 in Norwalk, CT

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 4, 2023


The Changing Sky —–smoke from wildfires.

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 4, 2023

An early start before the sunrise driving westward on the highway before turning off and into the back roads that led to a law enforcement facility to spend half a day photographing the USPCA Region 7 Detection Trials. The radio talked about smoke dropping down from Canada that might cause some air quality issues. Not…

Dock Diving at Westminster 2023 in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 26, 2023

And so they came from all over to be at the premier event of Dock Diving at Westminster. Such a joyful event to be part of and it showed with every single family with their dogs at the edge of the dock. The events of Dock Diving, Agility, Fast Cat bring such a different energy…

NYC Tartan Week

NYC Tartan Week, Tartan Day Parade

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 17, 2023

What an amazing day started at the crack of dawn meeting up with friends with dogs for breakfast before heading around to the Tartan Day Parade. A celebration of Scottish Heritage. From dancing, bagpipes, marching bands and what we were there for- Scottish dogs. A full article will follow this photo drop in the coming…

A photographer behind two police officers

Saint Patrick’ Day and a few dogs….

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 23, 2023
A dog checking on a dog


By Daily Dog Devotional | March 23, 2023

How does one define what is a great event? For us it’s about finding that surge of excitement when walking into something that’s filled with motion. It can be going to a new location and viewing a sight that you’ve always wanted to see, or seeing 5000 dogs that don’t look exactly what you have…

Dogs Outside the Ring cover image

DogsOutsideTheRing The Dogs That Serve Magazine

By Daily Dog Devotional | February 20, 2023

The booklet is complete and now what we are waiting for is the barcode that registers The Dogs That Serve in the Library of Congress. We are putting this issue up here for everyone to see as it’s important to all the officers and everyone involved in this project to be able to view the…

A police officer and his dog watching the parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2022

By Daily Dog Devotional | November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving Day had a very different feel than the past two years. Walking into the park felt like stepping back in four years when the crowds of people trying to get past security was tight and trying to get a good vantage point to watch the parade was really important. This year the crowds of…