A Different World

Green plaque tablet with white texts for the Baxter Reserve

The world a little over a year ago has changed into something most of us don’t recognize anymore. Most of us are struggling with finding a new way to live in this new norm and it’s not easy but I believe people are resilient. New Years Eve I was in NYC in Times Square with…

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The Nine Historical Breeds of Ireland

A picture collage of black dogs, a stone church, small brown dogs, and brown-and-white dogs from Ireland

We never figured we would get this booklet done for March – we had hoped it would have been done about 5 months ago. With so many delays it worked out the way it did- arriving before March 1st and making it truly a magazine about the historical breeds of Ireland. Anyone interested in a…

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Recent Printing of Irish Breeds

Side profile of a Kerry Beagle as the cover of the Dog Outside the Ring magazine

We worked for months to get this issue completed and the hard work paid off with a glorious issue dedicated to 9 historical breeds of 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪. Originally we wanted to have all Irish writers to write about their dogs but when we started to ask for submission of articles and photographs out stepped…

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