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Black German Shepherd dog framed by the open window of an antique car

Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park and some…

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 18, 2021

I went to meet my friend Ally Moore for a walk on the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. While walking a lot of magic happened. Sometimes when we don’t have any expectations the most unusual things just seem to happen. Today was one of those days… All pictures have been taken by and…

Border Collies with female handlers dressed in formal suit dresses standing in a line formation

Big Apple Working Group Club, Frenchtown, New Jersey

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 30, 2021

When it’s done right it can be done. Masks, distancing and santizer and lots of open air and space. No vendors, people using the backs of their cars to groom from with tables set next to the boot of their cars. Small tables and chairs and their own food. Mask wearing as much as none…

White Old English Sheepdog with its male handler who is dressed in a suit

Monticelllo NY Kennel Club, Cabin Fever Shows

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 15, 2021

A cold day today but nearly a year ago to the day I was at this show which turned out to be the last show of 2020 before the world lock down. It’s very different now but one thing remained the same and that’s how we love our dogs. The shows may be different but…

Green plaque tablet with white texts for the Baxter Reserve

A Different World

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 14, 2021

The world a little over a year ago has changed into something most of us don’t recognize anymore. Most of us are struggling with finding a new way to live in this new norm and it’s not easy but I believe people are resilient. New Years Eve I was in NYC in Times Square with…

Curly-haired, white Terrier with its fur covering its eyes

Whole Wheat Weekend…

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 6, 2021

WHY??? The Wheaten Terrier is a joyful breed, full of energy and never ever surprises. Image taken by @MichalKov2021

A picture collage of black dogs, a stone church, small brown dogs, and brown-and-white dogs from Ireland

The Nine Historical Breeds of Ireland

By Daily Dog Devotional | March 6, 2021

We never figured we would get this booklet done for March – we had hoped it would have been done about 5 months ago. With so many delays it worked out the way it did- arriving before March 1st and making it truly a magazine about the historical breeds of Ireland. Anyone interested in a…

Side profile of a Kerry Beagle as the cover of the Dog Outside the Ring magazine

Recent Printing of Irish Breeds

By Daily Dog Devotional | February 21, 2021

We worked for months to get this issue completed and the hard work paid off with a glorious issue dedicated to 9 historical breeds of 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪. Originally we wanted to have all Irish writers to write about their dogs but when we started to ask for submission of articles and photographs out stepped…

Brown German Shepard with its head raised high while standing next to its handle who part of the armed forces

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2019, K9 Rett

By Daily Dog Devotional | February 21, 2021

K9 Rett and his partner are one of my most favorite K9 Inits to photograph as this team seems to bring magic to the camera. This year we missed the parade because of Covid but are looking forward to photographing this team again very soon.

: Long-haired, brown Irish Setter sitting tall on a grass field next to its handler

A brief look at an Irish Dog Show 2018

By Daily Dog Devotional | February 21, 2021

A few years ago I made a trip to Dublin I hopped off the airplane, and walked across the road and a small walk – not too far away to hotel and adjacent to it was one of the most beautiful dog shows I’ve ever gone to.

Old man with a tangerine cap petting a black Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The perfect set of photographs , Greenwich Kennel Club Dog Show

By Daily Dog Devotional | February 21, 2021