NYC Tartan Week, Tartan Day Parade

NYC Tartan Week

What an amazing day started at the crack of dawn meeting up with friends with dogs for breakfast before heading around to the Tartan Day Parade. A celebration of Scottish Heritage. From dancing, bagpipes, marching bands and what we were there for- Scottish dogs. A full article will follow this photo drop in the coming…

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DogsOutsideTheRing The Dogs That Serve Magazine

Dogs Outside the Ring cover image

The booklet is complete and now what we are waiting for is the barcode that registers The Dogs That Serve in the Library of Congress. We are putting this issue up here for everyone to see as it’s important to all the officers and everyone involved in this project to be able to view the…

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Looking back two years……

A small dog standing next to two red shoes

Winter 2022 Every person in the world of dogs starts their days off getting the dogs out, food and then whatever else they can do to get the day moving. Since February I have done just that and then checked weather and the calendar where important appointment and events are that were written in. Since…

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23:58 Editor’s Letter

A woman in pink hugging her dog

23:58 It is said that judges in the AKC conformation ring have approximately 2 minutes to spend with each dog. The schedule for the day is built around those 2 minutes. The exhibitor’s day, the judge’s day, and yes, the dog must be presenting their very best self for those 2 minutes. It all leads…

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Capturing the Dream- The Heart of Westminster

Capturing the Dream

The dream of being part of the most important dog show in the country started decades ago when sitting in front of the television screen. Watching as men and women ran across the screen into the ring with their dogs on taut leashes, only to then come to a spot, their spot, before they stood…

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