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Putnam Service Dogs

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 12, 2018

In training

Daily Dog Devotional’s Tail End of Summer

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 8, 2018

August as always been a hot month but when I think of August my mind looks forward to welcoming September and the cooler weather. On FB we have asked people to post back end images of the dogs that share their lives for a Tail End of Summer edition and we have received so many…

Putnam Humane Society Dog Wash 2018

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 6, 2018

Very close to home today the Putnam Humane Society ( which has an incredible history) had its annual summer Dog Wash today. Beautiful dogs and wonderful people who donated their time to make this happen in the community I live in. Thank you to everyone who made this event successful.

Connecticut K-9 Olympics

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 4, 2018

On a warm summer Saturday I went with another photographer to the Police K-9 Olympics in Enfield, Connecticut. We went knowing and expecting a full day of highly trained dogs and lots of law enforcement who would be there to proudly show what team work looks like. We weren’t disappointed with these incredible police K-9…

The Excellent K-9 Duke

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 4, 2018

As all our friends know we are friends with different kinds of dogs and their people. One of the dogs who is our friend is K-9 Duke. He and his partner are doing something wonderful to help not only his community but many more. Below is a post we are going to share and if…

Velvet the Welsh Springer Spaniel

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 24, 2018

Velvet was not only gorgeous but had the most loving energy about her and I know that has to do with her owner Eric. What we put into our dogs is exactly what we see in them. The images show her as perfect as she is. Thank you Eric for being the loving devoted man…

Vizsla at the Putnam Kennel Club

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 24, 2018

Anyone who witnesses me at any dog event knows my focus is always on the beauty of the dogs before me and the interactions of the people they are with. I’m always watching how people interact with their dogs. This past Saturday there was a spectacle gathering of Vizslas that had me smiling from ear…

Putnam Kennel Club Dog Show

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 23, 2018

There is always a rush of adrenalin when walking towards a benching area at these shows that is brought on with the anticipation of what will be the first dog to be photographed that day. At this show I was lucky to be met by Junior. He is a magnificent English Bull dog who wanted…

Putnam Kennel Club Dog Show

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 22, 2018

In Carmel New York there was a beautiful dog show this past weekend that I went to photograph dogs at. As I slowly made my way through the images my eyes seemed to jump at certain images that make me feel pure love. I know why I go to these shows and it isn’t just…

The Putnam Kennel Club Dog Show

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 22, 2018

Kerry Blue Terrier KeCarmel, New York July 20, 21st 2018