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A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

A mag created with Madmagz.

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A Year Full of Excitement

Four quarterly online magazines, along with a few special editions, will be followed by an end of the year collectors' edition printed magazine.

It won't be boring - as it's about having fun with our dogs and wherever this takes us. The lady with the diamond glasses.

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Woman in a red dress petting a black-and-white spotted Great Dane dog on the head

Hickories Circuit Dog Show- Tioga County Kennel Club.

By Daily Dog Devotional | August 25, 2021

Tioga County Kennel Club in Whitney Point, NY August 2021

A man carrying his dog and award

Chilling out…..Hudson River Valley Hound Association- Putnam Kennel Club

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 28, 2021

I don’t normally photograph people but occasionally the subject before me makes me smile. That is enough to know the photograph will be excellent. Thank you Philip Boyce and Pam Loeb for wonderful joyful photographs. @Hudson River Valley Hound Association @Putnam Kennel Club Happiness from dogs that are clearly relaxed and chilling out.

A man in formal clothing with his Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 13, 2021

The one thing that’s undeniable about the Neapolitan Mastiff is it commands ones utter attention and complete admiration. These examples are from the United States and Great Britain.

A small dog wanting to swim

Dog Days of Summer

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 8, 2021

Magazine art from main stream media has always been one of things we love to follow. This is a classic cover from The New Yorker and photographs from K9 Aqua Sports Club ,Sanctioned DockDog Facility in Millerton, NY. It’s steamy and our dogs are feeling it yet finding ways to stay cool.

A drawing of a dog as a magician with a rat

The World of Hector Baptista

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 7, 2021

We are devastated by the passing of Hector Baptista who will be remembered as one of the worlds greatest dog artists. His surreal art of dogs is like no other ever seen before. With his passing the world of dog art is a bit dimmer as he was the bright light that shown in the…

A woman smiling next to her dog

Eight days of dogs….

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 21, 2021

Started with K9 and from there showed my first dog. Was I nervous? Yes. Later in the day went into the city to rat hunt- rushed home for a few hours sleep before meet a friend to watch her dog compete in the worlds greatest dog show. It’s always great to be ringside to cheer…

A white Terrier entered the hole

American Working Terrier Association, Earthdog Den Trial, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Ev-Ry Earthdog

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 27, 2021
Three people in a dog training course with a cream-colored Terrier

Mid-Hudson Kennel Association

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 4, 2021

Mid-Hudson Kennel Association Saugerties, New York May 1st 2021 Was a perfect day- even with the masks and social distancing.

A man with a tophat handling four dogs

Morning Walk

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 18, 2021

Never expecting art to unfold on a morning walk but it did. This series of photographs were completely unexpected. Nabbed him and asked my friend if we could use the dog in the pictures ( Oh yes!!!) All I kept saying was beautiful… it was all so beautiful yesterday from start to finish. Love the…

A dog inside a vintage car

Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park and some…

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 18, 2021

I went to meet my friend Ally Moore for a walk on the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. While walking a lot of magic happened. Sometimes when we don’t have any expectations the most unusual things just seem to happen. Today was one of those days… All pictures have been taken by and…