Morning light is such a cherished gift. Since March I have pretty much locked myself down in my small cottage to watch things unfold in such a scary way. One of the many things I love to do is to get out with my camera daily and photograph dogs wherever I find them. With some places being unquestionably out off limits as it’s simply not safe- I have been fortunate to have a place that remains untouched and as it should be. It’s peaceful and has plenty of places to wander with my dogs undisturbed.
Baxter Preserve

Don’t think you can come here and take your dog off leash- you can’t as this preserve is for dogs and horses. There are people who work for the preserve to make sure your dog is leashed. With social distancing -people are mindful of others who are out to get some exercise.

Going here one ( me) always finds so many purebred dogs walking with nose to the ground with all the wonderful scents that are in the fields.

Come but please remember to be respectful of the Preserves Rules.