Bucks County Kennel Club 2018, The Timelessness of Love

There are always dogs at every show that make me smile when I look at them but this past weekend a series of images brought me to tears as they embodied what I believe is the love and devotion these dogs and people have for each other and the shows they attend.
I didn’t know who this man was while I was walking through the crowds looking for the right image that would tell the story of a dog and their person. When I take photographs I’m always looking for the relationship between the two but my primary focus has always been on the dogs as I see people as the accessory in the images.
All my friends know I crop 90% of the people out of most of my images as they fuss too much and make taking good images far more complicated by not allowing things to be as natural as possible. My personal thought on getting a good image means standing far enough away, being patient and watching every motion that is made.
This weekend while standing back from the thick crowds of people ringside I was blessed to be able to witness one of the most loving connections unfold before my eyes.There was a man who was seated next to his Greater Swiss Mountain dog smiling watching dogs inside the ring when a second Swissie walked up and greeted this man with a lick to his face. It was when this man turned towards the dog and bestowed such a loving hug I found myself smiling while taking the photos. I had an overwhelming sense of being profoundly thankful towards this total stranger for having such a loving manner towards these dogs while his eyes lit up at the sight of the dogs he was watching. People who love what they do are such a treasure and in the dog world where these shows are so competitive it was a beautiful reminder to sit back and enjoy each and every second .
Driving home I kept feeling I had witnessed something very sacred on this gentle mans face who had two dogs by his side dogs smiling while watching what was going on in the ring. What more perfect a day could I have asked for?
Margaret Foxmoore

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