I came home from a big show looking at thousands of images- THOUSANDS. I went to bed and was so overtired that I grabbed my phone and started to look at the images-not a good idea. My eyes were sore and I kept questioning myself on how to get through all of these new images I had taken. Editing takes so much work and to do it correctly you have to be focused. Laying in bed I started to look at old images I’d have taken over the past 6 months and then started to work with four different apps founding certain combinations that worked magic on images I loved.
I fell fast asleep to the glow of a screen and woke up hours later to continue to do 100 images.

Sometimes we need time out and as the saying goes- a break is a good as vacation. Indeed in this case it is.

These are just a images that in the end will be a magazine that will come before The National Dog Show magazine.
Whose busy???? Me?!
Happy night friends.