A New York Moment

A few months back I was stopped at a traffic light when a vision appeared like a blur flying past me in slow motion. As quickly as it drove past me my foot hit the gas pedal and proceeded to follow this vision that was 40 feet in front of me and going 45mph on a windy road. It was a New York Moment that perhaps only a few New Yorkers and peopled who loved the movie Bananas and dogs could understand.

I kept thinking this is nuts as I’m following a truck and not sure where it’s going to take me. Did this make me a fire engine chaser of sorts? This clearly wasn’t a fire engine and very few people would be following what I was following. Was my great adventure always going to be following the love of dogs and whatever fun that would bring me? My trip this morning was to go to the post office and then to meet friends for breakfast but certainly at this moment I had committed to following this moving adventure till it parked somewhere but where?

After 40 minutes of driving back roads it pulled into a drive way and parked at a beer distributing center. I was parked next to his truck and pulled out my camera and phone and approached the driver as he was getting out of the truck. “Good Morning. May I take an image of your most beautiful truck as I have been following you for 40 minutes?” The looked on his face was worth every minute in the car as he certainly gave it away that no one had ever trailed him. He laughed and with that distinct Bronx accent said I was more than welcome and that many people honk their horns and wave but never had he ever had anyone trail them.

I know there isn’t anyone quiet like me out there know he was telling the truth when he said no one had ever followed him. With that I snapped images and did a quick interview about the truck and asked if he knew if there other trucks like this out there with different images on it and he said yes. It turns out YuengLing Beer has a few of these on the roads with different images which eventually I will find by making a trip to the Museum they have in PA.

My final question to the driver was did he own a dog (yes) and did he have any images of his dog in his phone -which surprisingly he said no to. Somehow I believed he would have at least one image of his dog on his phone as how can you drive a truck that has a bill board size piece of art on the sides that is covered with dogs and not have your dog on your phone? I hopped back into my car and looked at my phone to see just how many dog images I have on it. 9,823

To those fire engine chasers who I never could understand – I GET IT! Officially I joined the club. My choice though is a Bill Board size truck that has YuengLing Beer art on the side of it. Is it the dog or the art I’m following? Both. The adventure continues…