There’s a nervous energy when we find out what we’re going to photograph. This year we applied for passes and waited to see if we would be granted the most important pass of the season. How do you explain what a paper pass means to any great event? Covering what we love most is the greatest honor and finding out our photographers from Dogs Outside The Ring were given the opportunity to cover this prestigious dog show we were thrilled. Our magazine and social media site covers the beloved dogs in a way that shows the most natural moment as it unfolds before us. Being able to present the world of dog shows to our followers is important to us as many of our followers haven’t ever been to a dog show and we know we’ve hit the mark when followers contact us to tell us they are living vicariously through the images and articles we put out. We can’t begin to tell you how much we love to hear that.


Since shows happen all over the world and purebred dog people know exactly which shows are important, The National Dog Show remains one of the most prestigious shows in the world.

What we love most of all, (and this some might disagree with) is it’s a benched show. All competitors are required to stay in the benching area and to have their dogs on display for the duration of the show. Except for being judged in the ring, exercised and being groomed, home is the area where they are parked at the beginning of the day. When you walk through the benching area it gives you access to speak and ask questions with breeders, owners and handlers about their specific breeds and their needs . Being given the opportunity to view these breeds up close and to speak with knowledgable, experienced people is one of the greatest gifts the pubic can receive as these Breeders, Owners, and Handlers hold invaluable information which helps to guide many a future dog owner in making educated choice about a well bred dog they may get

To us though, there is nothing more breathtaking then standing before the benching area and looking into it. Colors and forms all moving before you while a flurry of activity goes on. The sight of a sea of purebred dogs being groomed and readied for competition is one- one can never ever get tired of or forget.

This year there will be 205 breeds – split into 7 different groups out of which one will be chosen best in show. Just wait till you see who wins this year as it’s a very exciting finale. With that we present some images from the The National Dog Show presented by Purina 2019.

It will be on Thursday, November 28th at 12pm local time (Thanksgiving Day) right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Streaming can be done on NBC Sports app at 12p.m. ET on Thanksgiving.