The World of Hector Baptista

A drawing of a dog as a magician with a rat

We are devastated by the passing of Hector Baptista who will be remembered as one of the worlds greatest dog artists. His surreal art of dogs is like no other ever seen before. With his passing the world of dog art is a bit dimmer as he was the bright light that shown in the…

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Recent Printing of Irish Breeds

Side profile of a Kerry Beagle as the cover of the Dog Outside the Ring magazine

We worked for months to get this issue completed and the hard work paid off with a glorious issue dedicated to 9 historical breeds of 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪. Originally we wanted to have all Irish writers to write about their dogs but when we started to ask for submission of articles and photographs out stepped…

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The National Dog Show presented by Purina

There’s a nervous energy when we find out what we’re going to photograph. This year we applied for passes and waited to see if we would be granted the most important pass of the season. How do you explain what a paper pass means to any great event? Covering what we love most is the…

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USPCA Region 7 Certification Trial magazine cover

We have been very lucky to have beautiful covers for magazines. So far this is what we have done. There are many more to come. What we’ve enjoyed the most about these covers is going through all the images before finding the right energy between the person and their dog. It’s magic when the right…

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April 2019 Law Enforcement of NYC

Starting at 6 a.m. in New York City and in search of all that is important to Dogs Outside The Ring. Dogs. We came across all sorts of dogs today. Today though was about the dogs that serve. Thank you to all of the Law Enforcement Agency’s and their wonderful K-9 partners that protect and…

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New York City Tartan Week

It’s been a year since the last Tartan Day Parade so the pleasure of returning was met with high expectations as last year my friend and I had a blast at it. Men in Kilts and Vikings are a wonderful sight to see on the streets of New York. This year I went with two…

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