I don’t believe any of us has taken for granted the importance that gatherings of people who have healthy common interests are.The past 20 months though has changed so much of what we do and how we act. Lock down meant for so many of us a world where we were on our own and while others lives were busy with children who got stir crazy. Many of our friends who never owned a dog but always wanted one decided this was a perfect time to add a dog to their world. The word pandemic dog became a real word in the dog world. The dark times got a little bit lighter when these dogs found their ways into so many homes. Not just here but world wide.
Dogs add more another facet of adventure,companionship and comfort to our daily lives than we ever realized. Devotion, trust and love can always be spelled with three letters.
Last year there was a virtual Halloween Dog Parade which as good as it was (it had to be as it was all had) this years parade was in person. What can I say??? It was fabulous!Enormous crowd came in droves with their four footed friends for a light hearted day devoted to their dogs at this traditional New York halloween gathering.
Walking from the river behind the bandshell up to the walking bridge, a few thousand people along their four footed family members made their way to the bandshell to parade their beloved pooch on stage with hope of winning the best costumed dog there.

In the end a winner was crowned and the huge happy crowd left, strolling off next to the Hudson River with costumed dogs for another Saturday afternoon in NYC.

Briefly the feeling of the old New York we all knew two years ago was back and that was good enough as long as we have our dogs next to us.