Recent Printing of Irish Breeds

We worked for months to get this issue completed and the hard work paid off with a glorious issue dedicated to 9 historical breeds of 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪.
Originally we wanted to have all Irish writers to write about their dogs but when we started to ask for submission of articles and photographs out stepped friends and followers of DogsOutsideTheRing from all over the world.

The articles are fabulous and photographers who submitted images to us gave some of the most breathtakingly beautiful photographs ever.
We are beyond pleased with this issue.

The one thing that concerned us most of all is the number of contributors who who and are were dealing with and recovering from Covid19. Many having lost friends and family from it.
It remains very upsetting.
Loving our Irish breeds and being able to show how far and wide these dogs have traveled from their native county is impressive. All these families may speak a different language and have different perspectives but we all speak the same language at the end.
The past year has shown us how fragile and vulnerable life is along with and how deeply connected we are. Our beloved dogs go way behind being cute and funny sidekicks. Taking our dogs out for a walk, playing with them – is good for them but even better for us. It can’t be debated how pets are good for our health as the research has been done on this subject for decades and longer.
Personally we couldn’t have gotten through this without our dogs and know we’re not alone in saying that. Repeatedly we’ve listened to friends telling us their dog was the one reason they had made it through some of the darkest times ever.

This magazine is quite special
to us as we’re reminded of just how close we really are and how we’re all in this together.

So please continue be safe=we love you.


There are a few remaining magazines left from the printing that was created for contributors so they could have record of the project we’ve been working on. If anybody’s interested they must contact us privately for more information on these few magazines that are left.