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Sculpture arch and clock on top of the Grand Central Station building

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, New York

By Daily Dog Devotional | July 11, 2019

Today a quick run into New York City to take care of some business. Met MTA Officer Rozsay and his K-9 partner. What a wonderful officer and K-9. Makes getting up early on a non-work day worth it.

USPCA Region 7 Certification Trial 2019

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 29, 2019

Starting to work on a magazine for this trial- which was never disappointed in any way. On FB Dogs Outside The Ring On IG Dogs Outside The Ring and of course on the web. Please stay tuned for this to be up by July 3rd.

Taconic Hills Kennel Club in Yorktown, New York.

By Daily Dog Devotional | June 11, 2019

It’s been a really busy few weeks from photographing, editing and working on the upcoming magazine. A list of events sits on the desk that we plan to cover but this past week at the 11th hour the lofty plans were dashed by the need to catch up on sleep. Sometimes the best thing one…

Favorite posts

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 29, 2019

Liking what you do is wonderful – but loving what you do is blessed life. Favorite image of the week. From his Crocs, his walking stick, to the ear buds and cell phone, add that hat, shirt and cigar and most of all his little girl on the leash rescued from Puerto Rico. This is…

Memorial Day in NYC

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 28, 2019

Went in looking for dogs but found so much more. Thank you to those who served and those who sacrificed their lives. Bless you all.

The Projects…..

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 26, 2019

Memorial Day weekend and today taking the day off and going into the city to see the ships that are in the harbor. Tonight we finish up the next magazine and update the site. So many projects are underway for the year and one has become the focus for what we consider a very important.…

Saint Bernards Take New York, New England Saint Bernard Club

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 14, 2019

The New England Saint Bernard Club held their Speciality at Wolff’s Maple Breeze Resort in Catskill, New York . What an amazing setting for this spectacular show. Perfect weather, gorgeous dogs made this one of the most beautiful shows I have ever been to. @Wolff’s Maple Breeze Resort @New England Saint Bernard Club

Port Chester Obedience Training Club, Friday May 10th and Sunday May 12th 2019

By Daily Dog Devotional | May 14, 2019

We went early on Friday morning to take images of dogs and their people. The weather was chilly and overcast on Friday but not nearly as cold as it was on Sunday. It was impossible to hold the camera without fingers able to click on the shutter and toes going numb. What we love most…

A dog lying down on the road accepting a belly rub

Beacon Barks Annual Dog Parade and Street Festival, Beacon , New York

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 28, 2019

Today we stumbled upon Beacon Barks Annual Dog Parade and Street Festival in Beacon, New York. There is nothing better in the world than seeing dogs and their people enjoying a day out together than seeing hundreds of dogs out with their people. Today at this joyful gathering lot of dogs from rescue dogs, service…

April 2019 Law Enforcement of NYC

By Daily Dog Devotional | April 26, 2019

Starting at 6 a.m. in New York City and in search of all that is important to Dogs Outside The Ring. Dogs. We came across all sorts of dogs today. Today though was about the dogs that serve. Thank you to all of the Law Enforcement Agency’s and their wonderful K-9 partners that protect and…